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0183: Horrocks-Ibbotson Beaverkill, Varnished 6-strip bamboo flyrod. 8'6", 3/1, for #6 line. 5-1/4 oz. Cap and ring reelseat with black plastic spacer and a new 6" reversed half-Wells cork grip. Bright Nickel-plated ferrules. Chrome snake guides and Perfection tiptop. Gold wraps tipped Black over original light colored cane creates a very eye-appealing and most attractive rod. Open wrapped flip ring hook keeper. All joints proper length and straight. The assembled rod is very straight.

This Beaverkill has been professionally refinished and while the original decals were lost, it has been relabeled. Not a collector piece but a really classy looking piece and a strong casting rod, reminiscient of the earlier days of nymph, streamer, and Bass-bug bamboo rods. The rod comes in a new custom canvas bag with my label, while a new Landmark tube is available. Outstanding Refinish. $150